Business success factors

Business success factors

No matter what you sell that a company or a store business success factors depends on the conditions like:

1. The timing of your individual wealth, knowledge, experience, personnel, management, financial capability, etc

2. Market conditions and economic sentiment issues.

3. Individual efforts

4. feng shui factors (days chasing, fleeting, feng shui layout)

5. choose an auspicious day to tie access (zodiac, house direction, optional orientation to make a strengthen the explosive force) etc.

6. Named

7. put feng shui products to help company or store to earn money and grasp customers.


1. 個人財運、知識、經驗、用人、管理、財務等
2. 市場環境和經濟景氣問題等
3. 個人的努力
4. 風水因素﹝天運、流年、佈局功夫﹞
5. 擇日取用﹝要配合主命、宅向、神位、催動方位等
6. 公司或店的命名
7. 擺放風水產品來幫助生意和抓住客戶



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