Bet lotto increases the chance of winning?

How to use the Qi Men calendar to bet lotto increase the chance of winning?

  1. 使用Google Map 找出您家或公司(或目前停留點)的位置
    Using Google Map to locate your home or business (or now stands dot) position
  2. 劃出您家的八個方位
    Drawing the eight directions of your house.
  3. 找出你客戶(樂透站)在哪個方位
    Find out what your customers (Lotto station) in which direction.
  4. 配合奇門曆找出有利的時間去拜訪客戶或買樂透
    From Qi Men calendar to find a favorable time to visit or buy lotto.

2013/6/10~2013/7/7 奇門曆:




For example: I have a client (or a lottery endorsements station) located at the south-east of my house, When do I went to visit customers or to bet Lotto?

From the above figure, if we can take into account that the day is my best day, but simple point; you just have to find the south-east (4) plus ◎, then you look at the right-most of the time, and then use this time to visit clients or go to bet the lottery.