Will Obama be impeached?

  • Question: Will Obama be impeached?
    • The past few days the Obama administration has had multiple and extremely concerning secrets come to light. It is after all period 8…and things are being uncovered. Some of those “secrets” if proven are not only impeachable offenses, but could even result in jail time. So, I asked the question.

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  1. 世爻(Obama)旺相,且剋應爻(attacker),應爻值死且逢空;代表想要發起彈劾者沒有力量。
  2. 世爻(Obama)旺相,代表他的氣勢很旺,無懼於此事件。
  3. 官爻值旺相;代表這事件表面上會有一些麻煩和威脅,還好子孫爻發動剋制且還生助世爻(Obama),子孫代表子民,也就是說美國民眾挺他。