Will Obama be impeached?-2

Will Obama be impeached?-2

Rewrite a Gua according to Monica’s question:

Here’s the way I see it: The subject represents both the USA and Obama.

The Object, the people. No support from the people. Object is totally vanishing and clashed by day, month and hour. I believe it shows Obama has lost his support and the American Constitution will be what saves the country. If you look at the moving line, as a Parents line, it represents the Constitution. It’s a contract with the people, a tiger, strong and moving. While it moves, it hurts the Officer/Ghost. There is no support already for the Officer/Ghost anyway. Object, Wife/Wealth is totally vanishing and clashed away by the day, month and year. I don’t think the Chou-Si-You combination is enough to support the object and save the President’s job. The Object is totally vanishing and clashed away…so where would he get water to support the Subject Mao? The Brothers lines are very strong earth, and would overwhelm the weak and unsupported wood of the Officer/Ghost. He’s being buried by Congress and the House of Representatives. Even his own party is turning against him. The Bird represents the Press…(a free press is essential to the Freedom of any country and almost considered “holy” to the Founding Fathers of this country) And the Press have found out this week that their phones were tapped in the Press Room at the White House. They will not protect him. I do think the combination helps the future Officer/Ghost and may be strong enough to save the country when you figure in the moving line. While it’s moving though, the Constitution (yao 1) is burning Mao (Obama) and by doing that it’s feeding the earth in yaos 2 and 3…so they can bury him. After the moving line arrives in the future hexagram, it becomes Offspring Yin. I believe that this represents our Country…weakened, but still a Tiger. Wu and Yin combine in June, so I believe that in June even more details will come out about Constitutional provisions that were put there to protect the people from just such tyrants. What say you?

Dear Monica:

  1. Shiyao(世爻) (represent Obama) same as Officer/Ghost (官鬼),that was weakly
    but supported by
    Yīng yáo(應爻─Object). That main what? I thought that even Obama is not trusted, but he still protected by the objector.
  2. We know that Offspring Yao(子孫爻)strike Officer/Ghost 官鬼爻), I thought that Offspring represent American People, although, they were felt that the events Obama done was wrong. But the people need their president to lead this county’s economical etc. A part of people was angered, but the strength is weak. Due to Offspring was deathly and restrained by Month & moving line (動爻).
  3. Moving line same as Parent Yao (it could be represent American Constitution), American Constitutions will protects the president to against people.

Sincerely yours;

9-dragons consultant
Haoran Xie